The following sites may be useful for you as you investigate a topic involving language arts

Stone Soup--This site provides many opportunities for young writers to submit works for publishing. The website is a supplement to Stone Soup magazine, which is published six times a year and is the only magazine to exclusively include children's writing and artwork. This site also provides many terrific links to other sites providing kids' writing and tips on how to write. Check out Stone Soup!

Quizlet--Do you want to make a quiz for yourself to test your memory of vocabulary words? Would you like to play a game with these words and see how you do? On Quizlet, you can do these things by inputting your own terms or concepts and then entering their definitions and descriptions. Then you can save your file for use later by you or by others. You may also access the files that others have made on topics that may be related to your own. You need to enter a user name and password for this service, but it does not need to be one that compromises your security; it just needs to be a way for you to return to your files. We will use this web site as a class when I make Quizlet group review files. Give it a try.

Harcourt Trophies--I really enjoy this site, which provides a chance for kids to investigate authors and illustrators, try their hands at grammar, take on-line quizzes about literary concepts or to test reading comprehension, and learn how to proofread better. You can investigate each topic by grade, so just press the topic in which you're interested and the grade level you're in, and get started!

Word Central--To find the meaning of a word or investigate its pronunciation, link to this site. Word Central not only lets you investigate meanings, but also it allows you to create your own dictionary of words, play with words based on their parts of speech, and send your friends your creative ideas experimenting with words.

Grammar Games--This site has numerous lessons on grammar and punctuation, as well as activities to practice your understanding of each.