News Stories

Have you ever written a news article with a lead, quotations, and different perspectives? This fairy tale news story assignment asks you to do just that.

This document will give you some hints on writing straight news leads.

This primer from the MIT News Office provides great tips on writing a news story.

Feature Articles and Interviews

What is a feature article, and how do I write one? Click on the link to learn.

Learn how to conduct an interview here.

Try your hand at writing an article after interviewing your parents.

Check your interview article using this rubric.


We will complete these guided notes about editorials in class.

How to Write and Editorial

Writing a Convincing Editorial

Editorial Pre-writing Organizer

This assignment will showcase your ability to persuade using an editorial. Good luck.


Propaganda is the attempt to persuade people to do something that they otherwise might not do by using one of a variety of techniques. Propaganda has three components: It is an organized effort; it appeals to emotions more than to logic; and it has a goal--action and commitment.

You will be required to use your ability to recognize propaganda techniques in advertising. See the assignment below in order to put together your own propaganda booklet.

This document explains various propaganda techniques. We will go over examples of each type in class.

Using your knowledge of propaganda techniques, you will make a booklet of advertisements. You are not be fooled by propaganda any longer!

Use this rubric to ensure that you have included all required elements in your propaganda booklet and done your best work.

Final Assignment

Put together all that you have learned by composing your own newspaper. Your final product will be two pages (one sheet on front and back) and will incorporate a news story, feature story, and editorial. Plus, you will add pictures and possibly a cartoon or advertisement using the techniques we have discussed. See the particulars in the assignment that follows, and use the above resources and your past experience to do your best.

--the final newspaper project and TENTATIVE schedule for the green group
--the final newspaper project and TENTATIVE schedule for the orange group (per. 6)
--the final newspaper project and TENTATIVE schedule for the other sections

One type of rubric to ensure that you have included all parts of your final newspaper assignment may be found here.
Another rubric you may use for your newspaper project may be found here.


This assignment refers to many blog sites for you to evaluate before commenting and writing your own blog entries on my web site.