Look here for the various files we will use when studying Hoot.

You will create your own vocabulary list for this book, from among the following on the

The conflict of a book propels the action forward and makes the book more interesting. Check out the several here.

For this unit, you will read about and study Henry David Thoreau, who was a strong proponent and example of a movement called Transcendentalism. Read about and here.

discuss some of these themes in further detail.

We will also be looking at various comic strips depicting themes of Transcendentalism. Take a look at these to see if you can identify the theme it exemplifies.

As a final project, you will choose a Transcendental theme and show how this theme plays out in music, art, poetry, and other creative media. Read this to see the various requirements you must meet.

You will also have a test on this book and all that we have studied. Be sure to go over the for the test to ensure that you know the various concepts that will be presented. Ask someone (me or a friend or a parent), if you need some help.