For this unit, the sixth graders read chapters of the book Freedom's Children by Ellen Levine and study point-of-view in reading and writing. They learn the meaning of the term "Civil Rights Movement" and study many events from this time period, including the following:

The murder of Emmett Till
The Montgomery Bus Boycott
The Little Rock Nine and School Integration, including Ruby Bridges
The Freedom Riders and Sit-ins
The March on Washington
Freedom Summer
The Birmingham Church Bombing
The Children's March
The Voting Rights Act of 1965

Along the way, students write a Poem in Two Voices, complete a Think-Tac-Toe concerning Bloody Sunday and a Jigsaw about school integration. The unit culminates with a small group project involving the kids' completion of a digital scrapbook on one of the above items, assigned according to students' choices and group considerations.