Advisory 2010-2011--This was my first year as the sole sixth-grade Language Arts teacher, a job formerly held by wonderful Kathy Spicer, who retired. I gained a new, much larger, corner room as well as a couch and space for sitting and playing games. We played "Spoons," had many terrific snacks, participated as kids lead classes on favorite activities, played much kickball, and made blankets for our sponsored family. Like last year, we attended Nature's Classroom, had sixth-grade advisory challenges like the ping-pong ball drop, and enjoyed the second year of middle school.


The Suttonators (Back Row: Maddie, Morgan, Betsy, Michelle, Nick, Lou, Lauren, Sam, Front Row: Michael, Nathan, Braden, Alex)

Advisory 2009-2010--This year, we took on other advisories in kickball more frequently, made fleece blankets for families as a part of the clothing drive, and made many excuses to celebrate during advisory (with donuts). We also had a chance to take a class overnight trip to Nature's Classroom, near Mansfield, where we played, hiked, learned how to take on challenges as a group, and enjoyed learning off of the CA campus.

Here are a few more pictures, as we bid adieu to Mr. Maccow:

external image moz-screenshot.png
We hide out in Mr. Maccow's office.

Back row: Alex, Grant, Jack, Mrs. Sutton, Shreya, Kara, Lexie; front row: Grace, Caroline, Nichola, Andrew, Jonah

external image IMG_1720.JPG
Advisory takes over the theatre

Advisory 2008-2009--We reigned on the kickball court! Here is a photo of us before a game.
Advisory 2008-2009 (Top row:Mrs. Sutton, Sam, Juan, Ben, Marcel, Drake; bottom row: Andrea, Lexi, Riley, Mara)


Ben, Andrea, Drake, Riley, Mara, Lexi, Talia, Marcel, Juan, Sam, Mrs. Sutton

The Sutton Slightnings--2008-2009

We also had a lot of fun getting to know our kindergarten buddies:

Kindergarten buddies chill with us.

Advisory 2007-2008--Another great year of getting to know one another, making blankets, working with kindergartners, and having fun.

The Superstars
Back: Rahul, Brian, Jack, Tom, Kia, Zach, Catherine, Kat; front: Alexandra, Courtney, Lauren

Advisory Activities--2006-2007


Front row: Mackenzie, Neela, Lexie, Megan, Carolyn, Haley, Annie; back row: Bobby, Thomas, Mrs. Sutton, Grayson, Sam, and Grant

Volunteering--In 2006-2007, our advisory has helped clean tables in the lunchroom, bought and wrapped packages for our sponsored family, and helped with Mrs. Farrenkopf's kindergarten class. We do this each "A" Day during advisory and hope to make a positive difference in the school.

Heroes--We have spent some time this year reading passages from T.A. Barron's book A Hero's Trail and then have discussed different types of heroes.

Hu--Who? Hu? Hu is our advisory pet rock. Hu goes home with kids and accompanies them on holiday adventures, reads with them, and participates in sporting events. All in all, we learn a lot about each other through our shared adventures with Hu.

Leadership opportunities--So far this year, we have taken turns sharing our interests. We started with a group run, in honor of Mrs. Sutton's love of running. We ran over the river and through the woods in the fall. Later in the fall, Carolyn led the group in a dance routine. That was very interesting. Sam and Bobby are planning to teach everyone soccer juggling, and Annie share some gymnastic moves. Because of the weather, we are indoors for a bit. A teamwork challenge in the Barton Room, versus Mrs. Nockowitz's advisory is in the works.

Tuskegee Airmen--This elite group of African-American pilots from World War II was to have visited the school on Feb. 13. We may be re-scheduling them, so watch and see. The kids spent a bit of time researching these brave men.

Games--Captain Random currently lead our advisory competition in Balderdash. Stay tuned, though. Anything can change quickly.

Cincinnati Trip--

The sixth-grade trip to Cincinnati will occur on April 18-19 this year. We will travel south and stay for one night, visiting places such as the Underground Railroad Museum, the waterfront, the museum, and other terrific sites.

Advisory 2005-2006